VillageReach is a global health innovator committed to developing new solutions to critical healthcare challenges at the last mile. Innovation, a fundamental value shared by VillageReach staff around the globe, depends on an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion. At VillageReach, we believe that diverse, equitably weighted perspectives foster an organizational capacity to create novel solutions that improve health in the most underserved and hard-to-reach areas.

To align our values, innovations and impact, VillageReach is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse global workforce and providing mechanisms for all staff and the Board of Directors to engage openly around the issues of race, colonialism, identity, and culture.

Diversity refers to the differences between people. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences of color, nationality, tribe or place of origin, race, religion, gender, disability, HIV/AIDS status, age, sexual orientation and gender expression or identity. VillageReach values a diverse work environment because different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives expand potential approaches to problem solving and, furthermore, support the advancement of the VillageReach mission. A diverse work environment is attractive and important from both internal and external perspectives. Given the specific geographies where we operate, VillageReach is categorically committed to improving racial, cultural and experiential diversity among the members of our team.

Inclusion is an organizational commitment to and practice of creating a work atmosphere where individuals feel welcomed, valued, respected, and supported. We believe that an inclusive environment enables and promotes meaningful employee contributions, supports employees to realize their personal and professional potential and strengthens the impact of our organizational work.

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