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Responding to COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, VillageReach has worked to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on under-reached in five African countries and Washington State, USA through:

  • providing information for disease prevention to keep people healthy,
  • protecting health workers who care for under-reached communities,
  • maintaining essential services during the pandemic, and
  • administering COVID-19 vaccines through high-volume vaccine sites.

High-volume Vaccine Sites

Our vaccinodromes provided over 500,000 COVID-19 vaccines to people in Côte d’Ivoire and Democratic Republic of Congo

Health Center By Phone

Supporting governments in Malawi, Mozambique and the DRC to make sure citizens have access to accurate information

PPE Distribution

Coordinating record time PPE deliveries (e.g. Malawi) and creating tools to calculate PPE needs (e.g. Liberia)

Maintaining Routine Delivery

Not missing a beat – including distribution of vaccines to hundreds of hard-to-reach health facilities every month

Fighting the infodemic

Supporting innovative mobile solutions to provide up-to-date information for everyone in the DRC, Malawi and Mozambique


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Vaccine Delivery Program

We know what works because of twenty years of immunization supply chain work across sub-Saharan Africa, and we have applied this in our COVID-19 Vaccines Preparedness and Delivery efforts across two continents and at the global level. Our COVID-19 vaccine delivery strategy has five elements that were carefully selected based on a review of existing gaps in country planning and response and where VillageReach’s expertise could have the most impact.

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Implementations

Our Expertise

  • Vaccine Operations and Systems Readiness
  • Demand Management and Generation
  • Digital Systems and Data Use Implementation
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Health Financing and Costing

VillageReach supports vaccine distribution planning and coordinates physical distribution of vaccines and related products, particularly for last mile health facilities and communities are not left out of distribution and access plans. We also: Support set up of new vaccine access points; Support community-based vaccine events; Design patient, vaccine and data flows; Create vaccine storage and handling policies to reduce wastage.

VillageReach is focusing on increasing demand for COVID-19 vaccines through existing health care hotlines and messaging platforms to advise governments on creating targeted communication strategies.

VillageReach helps governments and partners implement tools to make the analysis and use of complex data more automated and actionable. For vaccine sites and inventory managers, we have: Helped define minimum user requirements for vaccine scheduling systems; Evaluated potential vendors and rolled out chosen solution(s); Built stock inventory dashboards to manage vaccine stock.

VillageReach develops tailored training modules on vaccine safety and preparation, motivational messaging, adverse event documentation and handling. We also advocate for unlicensed health workers (such as community health workers and students) to administer vaccines after receiving appropriate training and emergency licensing.

VillageReach is working with government officials to rapidly document true cost of vaccine delivery so that budgets, fundraising, and financing advocacy all reflect accurate figures.

Combatting COVID-19 Misinformation

An important part of our COVID-19 response is using digital tools to disseminate accurate information about COVID-19 to combat rumors and empower communities to keep themselves safe. We used our existing solution, Health Center by Phone, to get information to communities in our core countries.

Health Center By Phone Implementations

COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa

In June 2020, VillageReach joined forces with five like-minded organizations (Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC), Direct Relief, the Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP), and Pandemic Action Network) to form the COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa (CAF-Africa) to supply CHWs with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Visit The CAF-Africa Website

“Protecting the Community Health Workforce During COVID-19” Report

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