Dr. Olivier Defawe

Director, Health Systems

Solution Owner, Drones for Health

Olivier has extensive experience designing and implementing programs to improve health care delivery at the last mile, with a particular focus on immunization supply chains. With a PhD in biomedical sciences and five years of experience with the HIV Vaccine Trial Network, his programmatic expertise is paired with a scientific understanding of vaccine development that would position him well for coordination between different COVAX pillar technical working groups and sub-groups. Prior experience supporting countries to strengthen laboratory capacity and information systems would likewise position him well for coordination with other pillars as well as the health systems connector.

As Director of Health Systems at VillageReach, Olivier has led supply chain design exercises in five countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Zambia, Pakistan, Guinea, Togo) working closely with ministries of health and local partners. He founded and has managed since 2016 the UAV for Payload Delivery Working Group, which regroups over 300 members from the civil society involved in the exploration of drone delivery to strengthen health services.

In addition, Olivier brings a civil society perspective to Gavi’s Immunization Supply Chain Steering Committee (iSC2), where he serves as a focal point for iSC2’s Democratic Republic of Congo country network. He led the opening and managed operations of VillageReach’s office in Democratic Republic of Congo and its transition to in-country leadership.

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