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Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP), with Technical Support of VillageReach, Launches Système Informatisé d’Information de la Gestion Logistique (SIIGL) Open Source Information System Increases Benin’s Vaccine Supply Chain Efficiency

Cotonou, Benin – February 2015 – L’Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP) and the NGO VillageReach are working together to implement a new computerized logistics management information system Système Informatisé d’Information de la Gestion Logistique (SIIGL, “Logistics Management Information System”), designed to support Benin’s vaccine supply chain in the Comé heath zone.

This innovative information and data collection system has been adapted to fit Benin’s needs, ensuring compatibility with a new informed push vaccine distribution system, implemented by AMP’s LOGIVAC project, in the Comé Health Zone. The new vaccine supply chain has been completely reorganized and outfitted with a mobile warehouse and solar cold chain equipment to improve the immunization program performance. SIIGL will support the informed push distribution system by improving data visibility at all levels of the health system, ensuring more reliable deliveries, improved quality control, and reduced vaccine stock-outs.

The initial goal of SIIGL is to facilitate the collection of logistical data and reduce the use of paper forms and reports as much as possible. The web-based system with off-line capability for data entry and analysis, will also support logisticians in organizing the distribution and tracking the use of vaccines in the health zones and make key immunization indicators (coverage and wastage by antigen, temperature excursion, availability of cold chain equipment) available immediately following each distribution.

SIIGL was launched in Benin with an initial training from January 28th-30th, attended by logisticians from the Comé health zone as well as by representatives from the Logistics department of the National Agency for Immunization and Primary Healthcare (ANV-SSP). The pilot introduction of the system started in the Comé health zone in February 2015, for vaccine distributions at health centers.

About Agence de Médecine Préventive: Founded in 1972, the Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting preventive medicine and public health worldwide. Along with its public-and private-sector partners, AMP aims to enhance scientific knowledge in support of evidence-based health policies; support the introduction and use of vaccines; strengthen immunization service delivery and logistics; develop human and institutional capacity through tailor-made training programs and promote innovation in field vaccinology. For more information, please visit: www.amp-vaccinology.org/

About VillageReach: VillageReach is a non-profit global health innovator that develops, tests, implements and scales new solutions to critical health system challenges in low-resource environments, with an emphasis on strengthening the “last mile” of healthcare delivery. VillageReach combines expertise across public health, technology, and business to bring life-saving innovation – new systems, programs and technologies – to scale and sustainability in the world’s most underserved communities. www.villagereach.org

About OpenLMIS: SIIGL is built on OpenLMIS, a new, cost-effective solution purpose-built to address the data visibility challenges of low-resource environments. VillageReach is a leading contributor to OpenLMIS, the global initiative to develop shared, open source solutions for managing medical commodity distribution in low- and middle-income countries. http://www.openlmis.org

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