Mindset Shift Workshop: The Journey to Government Owned Solutions

VillageReach believes that achieving government ownership requires centering the role of government as a partner and valued member of the system. To do so often requires a shift in mindset between government, social impact organizations and funders.

In order to enhance this shift, we co-developed a workshop with Spring Impact to help stakeholders, reach alignment on the goal of embedding solutions into the public sector, define actionable ways of working to achieve those goals and mitigate potential challenges.

The Mindset Shift Workshop derived from the Journey to Scale with Government an interactive tool, collaboratively developed by over 50 contributors across 16 countries. This tool outlines the mindsets, systems and the capacity necessary to achieve government-owned solutions that sustain impact at scale.

During this 3.5 hour workshop social impact organizations that are somewhere on the Journey to Scale with Government (or want to be), get the opportunity to sit down with government and funder partners and align on goals and build new ways of working collaboratively that is critical for partnership success.

VillageReach is looking for organizations interested in participating with partners in this workshop over the course of 2021. For more information, please contact us at: transitioningwell@villagereach.org.





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