Matthew Ziba

Senior Programs Manager, Malawi

Matthew is the Senior Programs Manager  for Malawi. He manages several programs within the country, including the Pharmacy Assistant program. This involves planning and execution of the whole plan, liaising with donors, monitoring and evaluation of the program. This is meant to provide the ministry with human resource for supply chain at the last mile. He also manages a supply chain program, ONSE, which is a USAID grant to support the country in maternal and child health programs. VillageReach is the supply chain lead in this program where we implement programs to strengthen supply chains to improve reporting rates, data quality, stock outs and overstocks and also governance and accountability. There are also several short term supply chain programs within the country that Matthew manages, including the Bull City Learning Project and Drones for Health.

Matthew has vast experience in supply chain and hospital administration. Before joining VillageReach, Matthew previously worked with the United Nations Development Program on the Millennium Villages Project as Operations and Logistics Manager for more than three years. Before then, he worked as the Principal Hospital Manager for Nkhoma Hospital and Administrative Manager at St John of God Community Health Services. Matthew holds a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management from University of Bolton, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Malawi the Polytechnic.

Matthew chose to work in the global health field because of passion to serve the under privileged.  VillageReach fits very well with his passions. There is always a need to be innovative to come up with modern more efficient and effective ways to serve the under privileged in resource constrained countries.

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