Mariam Zameer

Team Lead, Health Systems Global Technical Team

Lead for Health Financing, and Improving Equity

Mariam Zameer focuses on improving equitable access to health care and health financing at VillageReach. She leads the Health Systems Team using systems thinking to work on: equity, community health, human resources for health, health financing, and governance.

She is a strong advocate for improving equity and primary health care when and where people access them. Her work also explores partnering with private health providers, to focus on the urban poor, remote rural areas, migrants, and people living in security compromised areas. She led the development of the Equity Framework to ensure health products are accessible, available, and potent at the point of delivery. She is an expert in designing vaccine supply chains and vaccine distribution to consider risk and equity, asides from cost, using modeling and optimization for actionable recommendations for governments. Her work at VillageReach spans working with Pakistan EPI to improve their immunization supply chains, costing CHW supply chains in Liberia, designing modeling tools for Mozambique, and COVID-19 vaccine delivery. Mariam brings a civil society perspective to Gavi’s Immunization Supply Chain Steering Committee (iSC2), where she serves as a focal point for iSC2’s Pakistan country approach.

Mariam also works closely with the diversity and inclusion group at VillageReach, and decolonizing global development is of particular interest to her. She is researching more effective public health organization structures to decolonize health, but also respond to external trends.

Mariam grew up in Pakistan, and has worked closely with communities there. She has a BSc (Honors) in Economics and Masters in Public Policy & Governance. She is a Doctor of Public Health candidate at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and her research is focused on health access for urban poor in private sector.

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