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Interview with: Antonio Victorino, Agente de Medicina Preventiva, Centro de Saúde de Malehissa, Distrito de Chibuto, a health worker in a health center served by the DLS.


How has the DLS system allowed you to increase time available for clinical work with patients?

I am more present in the health unit since DLS started. Because I don’t have to travel to the District Sede do collect vaccines, through the DLS, the vaccines are delivered here. And now, we have vaccines available every day. I have more time to do my job, see the patients, organize data, etc. Before, I used to do at least 2 to 3 trips in a month to collect vaccines.

Last mile health centerBefore the DLS, I used my own money to go and collect vaccines. When I didn’t have money I couldn’t go to the district to get the vaccines, and so I used to have to send children back home until I could find money to get to the District Sede to collect more .

Last Mile Cold ChainBecause of issues with the cold chain, I collected them in small quantities in a small Colman Cooler, as I didn’t want to have too many vaccines in our refrigerators because they could spoil, and I didn’t want to have a lot of vaccines inside the refrigerator at the same time.

Before the DLS system, how many hours each week (or how many days each month) did you spend away from the health facility picking up vaccines?

The distance from this health unit to the District seed where is the PAV warehouse is 22Km. I use to drive my motorbike or get “chapa” to collect vaccines. But I always used my own money. I used to pay 50,00 Meticais for chapa (go/return) and pay for the Colman that carry vaccines and paid more 20,00 Meticais. And always paid from my own pocket. The trip to the District Sede takes around 45 minutes, as the “chapas” has a lot of stops. But, I use to spend around 4 hours in a day to go and collect vaccines and then come back to the health unit, as sometimes I arrive in the District Sede and the person to give me vaccines was not there.


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