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We are grateful for the support of our Leadership Circle Members who donated in 2019.

Individuals and Family Foundations

Paulo Abecasis

Mitchell Abramson

Tim Aerts

Corin Anderson and Melinda Owens

Mari Anderson and Terry Green

Julie Averill and Cindy Bolam

Lucia Ballard

Emily Bancroft and Andy Johnson

Barusch and Greg Price

Jessica Batridge

Valerie Nkamgang Bemo and Tano Malentin

Emily Bennighof

Elias Block

Mark and Judith Bloomberg

Brandon and Kevin Bowersox-Johnson

Alexandra Brookshire and Bert Green

Cheryl Butler

Stephan Coonrod and Cheryl Clark

Christine Larsen and Glen Cooper

Ian Craig

Jennifer Crouch

Jane Dalrymple-Hollo

Patricia Devereux

John Dew

Neville Dowell

Kai Draper

Joan Egrie

Mary Ewing

Rick and Myrna Fant

Michael Free and Judith Van Arnam

Nancy Geiger and Michael Krasik

Carrie George

Kari Glover and Thaddas Alston

Fred Goldberg and Carolyn Lakwold

Margaret Griffiths

Charlotte Gross

Steven Hakusa

Jacqueline Howard

Christine Huddle

Katharine Hunt and William Dolan

Albert and Diane Kaneb

Brian and Sharon Kidd

Bryan Kleist and Susan Burnich

Stefan Krasowski and Tess Zhao

Kyle Krug

Peter Kuliesis

Sena and Jennifer Kwawu

Ellen Lackermann and Neal Stephenson

Christine Larsen and Glen Cooper

Trevor Lillywhite

Paul and Yaffa Maritz

Benjamin Maslow

Jason McCann

The Robert McEldowney Jr. Family Foundation

David Mentz and Pamela Smith Mentz

Beverly and Thomas Miller

Johanna Miller

Murray Family Foundation

McIntyre Family Fund

Jason Oubre and Arezoo Orouji

Bill and Monika Owens

William Poole and Janet Levinger

Maria Celia Ramos Bellenzani

Randall Rasmussen and Heather Ross

Rao and Satya Remala

Lee Rhodes and Peter Seligman

Melissa Ries and Pat Kennedy

Christine and Douglas Rohde

Mark and Monica Simpson

Maia Suhr and Tim Carver

Suresh and Kalyani Velagapudi

Steven Wagner

Gerald and Veronika Walton

Brian and Lyndzee Wells

Melissa and Lowry West

Allen Wilcox and Connie Collingsworth

Organizations and Corporate Donors

Community Church of Seattle

Office Timeline


The University of Texas at Austin

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