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Our Hiring Philosophy

We’re searching globally for value-aligned professionals in many disciplines to join or collaborate with our team of experts. If you share our passion for making quality health care available for everyone, join us!

As an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, we believe that diverse, equitably-weighted perspectives expand our ability to create novel solutions that improve health in the most underserved and hard-to-reach areas.

To further our values, innovations and impact, VillageReach is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse global workforce.

What We’re Offering

Work on a geographically and experientially diverse team; connected by a common passion for change towards a world where each person has the health care needed to thrive. We care deeply about the work that we do, the people we do the work with and the communities where we work.

Agency over one’s schedule, work cadence and career growth with strong manager respect and support, professionally and personally. This means that we care about one another first as people and lean in on that warmth while we do hard things together. We know we can only be successful in partnership.

Be part of something BIG while on a smaller team and in a smaller organization. This provides development opportunities, stretching one’s technical depth, grit and innovation. We expect excellence from ourselves and from one another.

Try new things for greater impact; small changes matter when you get at root causes, are data-driven and collaborate alongside colleagues and partners.

Work on real solutions with integrity and work towards justice in our programs and within our organization.

VillageReach takes compensation equity seriously through rigorous ongoing market assessments, benchmarking and monitoring that is based on organizational principles with a benefits package that is in support of our values and demands of our work.

What We’re Looking For

Motivated and

You are a determined change-maker. Do you want to master new skills to help us transform health care systems?

A Natural

You establish effective communication with coworkers and partners, keeping all parties informed and involved, and you work actively to resolve conflicts.

Committed to
Diversity & Inclusion:

You welcome, value, respect and support all individuals, and are personally committed to developing your own DE&I competency.


You think big, like us. Our solutions are transformative. Are you a person who seeks excellence from yourself and your colleagues?


You get the job done, seeing opportunities for creative problem-solving and unlocking old problems in new ways.

How do you strengthen organizational wellbeing? How do you start to bring in concepts of wellbeing? What is that balance between sort of individual wellbeing and organizational wellbeing? And how do we think about building healthy organizations in a different way?

Emily Bancroft, President & CEO

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I routinely have great experiences with my friendly, hard-working and smart VillageReach colleagues, whether it is a friendly chat after a meeting or support on a personal front. Our approach to radical collaboration (sharing work, open source, not always needing to take credit) and focus on
sustainable transitions really set VillageReach apart.”

Rebecca Alban, Manager, Health Systems

The Global Management Team is lovely, encouraging and innovative. Above all, the ethos at VillageReach is of innovation and respect for human rights. As a manager, planning and monitoring all programs across the DRC, I am fortunate to work with many of my colleagues and each one of them brightens my days!”

Guillaume Mwamba, Program Manager

At VillageReach, decisions are not just made by somebody over there, by a chief executive or president, but there is a strong process that involves all of us throughout. This is sadly not always the case – some organizations do not involve country-based managers in deliberations and one can feel discriminated against. Here, you feel involved in building the organization; you feel part-and-parcel of the organization.”
Rotafina Donco, Mozambique Country Director for VillageReach
VillageReach is a focused, professional and amazingly creative organization, with an unrelenting shared passion for the underseved in all the work we do. I have had messages from senior leaders in the organization telling me they recognize the importance of my work. It’s one the most satisfying and invigorating parts of my work knowing my efforts never go unnoticed.
Innocent Mainjeni, Supply Chain Program Manager

Ready to apply?

Jobs with VillageReach are listed here, as are Requests for Proposals and Consulting Opportunities. To apply, please follow the links listed below. Candidates with relevant experience will be contacted directly.

Clear Filters

Program Cost & Health Financing Consultant

VillageReach is seeking to engage a Consultant skilled in Program Costing & Financingto support our health financing and costing work during a maternity leave period. This role combines the responsibilities of generating evidence through economic evaluations and supporting cost management for VillageReach’s health solutions….

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M&E Consultant

Following national assessments in 2022, VillageReach and partners have been implementing customized programs in 15 countries at risk for polio outbreak, aiming to improve the speed and quality of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) and environmental surveillance (ES) sample transportation from communities or health facilities…

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Pay & Benefits Model

We strive for transparency in all that we do. That means publishing a clear methodology for how we compensate our people, in line with skills and experiences and not identity or personal relationships.

We extend health insurance to all staff, including coverage for your family, as well as paid annual, sick and parental leave. Our Compensation Philosophy and Staffing Principles and compensation models specific to each country/region are provided below.

Democratic Republic of Congo

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