Craig Usswald, Director, Supply Chain

October  17, 2018 – In September, Craig Usswald joined VillageReach as director, supply chain.

In this Africa-based role, Usswald is responsible for advancing the organization’s supply chain portfolio and provide technical support to its supply chain programs.

Usswald will also lead VillageReach’s supply chain community of practice, developing standards, tools and methods for the organization.

“Having keenly observed VillageReach doing things differently for several years, I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing team,” said Usswald. “VillageReach’s work in partnership with governments are solving important and crucial challenges at the last mile.”

Usswald brings over 20 years of leadership experience overseeing public and private sector supply chains. Previously, Usswald was a management consulting professional and senior business advisor at Deloitte Consulting.  He engaged with multiple public sector clients including the United Nations Peacekeeping division, along with additional high-profile engagements. He also led the Logistics and Distribution Unit within the USAID-funded Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) project, while working for Imperial Health.

“I’ve known Craig for many years through our collaborative work and have watched him deliver value to his clients in the area of strategy development and process improvements,” said Emily Bancroft, president.  “Craig will bring innovative solutions and divergent thinking across our supply chain portfolio, helping to strengthen the support VillageReach provides to our government and private partners.”

Usswald will be based out of his native South Africa after spending the last ten years working in the United States. He holds an MBA from Heriot Watt University and is a certified professional in supply chain and project management.

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VillageReach works with governments to solve health care delivery challenges in low-resource communities. Our programs focus on increasing access to quality health care at the last mile, or the point at which services are delivered.  We develop and implement new ideas and approaches to ensure vaccines and medicines are available, increase the capacity of health workers and ensure that people have access to data to improve health.  Our work improves the lives of more than 20 million people in sub-Saharan Africa.

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