VillageReach is a proud member of the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC).

CHIC’s mission is to accelerate the uptake of high-impact community health systems by:

  1.  Identifying practices that lead to quality care delivery
  2.  Accompanying partners to use those practices

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How VillageReach is engaging with CHIC

VillageReach shares CHIC’s vision of Community Health Workers (CHWs) being a paid, professionalized workforce globally. VillageReach contributes our expertise in strengthening community health supply chains to CHIC research and advocacy efforts and we use our voice to promote the implementation of the CHIC design principles. Our goal is to ensure that CHWs have the supplies they need to serve their communities.

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CHIC’s response to COVID-19

CHIC has been active in the global dialogue for how to utilize CHWs to tackle COVID-19. As articulated in the below position paper, CHIC’s priorities regarding COVID-19 response are to:

  • Advocate for CHWs as an essential part of the COVID response; and encourage countries to leverage CHW’s unique ability to influence behaviors, support testing, contact tracing and  information dissemination
  • Articulate CHW funding needs for a country-level response

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