Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Director & Group Lead, Information Systems
Program Lead, OpenLMIS

Brandon leads the Information Systems Group, providing direction on technology innovation to improve health care delivery at the last mile. He is responsible for a global team of technologists and a portfolio of projects that are developing creative ICT solutions to support VillageReach programs around the globe. He is also the program lead for OpenLMIS.

In his 20 years of IT experience, he has served as CTO and co-owner of a software development consultancy with expertise leading human-centered IT projects. He has led hundreds of software and innovation projects in web, mobile, cloud, APIs, and integrations. He has contributed to multiple open source projects and has been a leading voice for user-centered and usability-driven approaches as well as agile and lean techniques to achieve maximum impact by working iteratively to meet user needs. He has also served as an elected City Council member and as a board member of a public fiber optic network. Brandon holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois. He is passionate about using technology in service of VillageReach’s mission of increased access to quality health services.

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