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Press Release   |   February 17, 2015

Open Source Information System Increases Benin’s Vaccine Supply Chain Efficiency

Cotonou, Benin – February 2015 – L’Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP) and the NGO VillageReach are working together to implement a new computerized logistics management information system Système Informatisé d’Information de la Gestion Logistique (SIIGL, “Logistics Management Information System”), designed to support Benin’s vaccine supply…

Blog Post   |   November 30, 2017

Keeping Cool: A New Partnership with Bull City Learning

Vaccines are extremely sensitive to temperature. They must remain between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius in order to remain viable. Outside of this temperature range, vaccines become less effective at preventing diseases. Because of this, the storage and handling of vaccines need careful attention….

Blog Post   |   June 26, 2015

Inside the Warehouse – Vaccine “Accessories” and the complexity of the cold chain

Olivia Vargas is currently in Mozambique conducting a midline evaluation of the ColdTrace pilot program, a remote temperature monitoring system for vaccines currently operating in the southern portion of the Gaza Province where she recently visited a vaccine warehouse as inspiration for this blog….

Blog Post   |   May 23, 2014

Testing New Ways to Improve the Cold Chain

Reposted from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Blog: Impatient Optimists 5.6.2014 As a Technical Officer with VillageReach, I am responsible for working with our partners at the provincial health department and in the health centers to support new cold chain monitoring technology.  In this role,…

Blog Post   |   April 7, 2015

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

Improving Data for Management of the Vaccine Cold Chain in Mozambique Last week I was spending a lot of time with my colleague from UNICEF/Mozambique to create a distribution plan for  new cold chain equipment procured and funded by UNICEF. This is a great…

Blog Post   |   January 24, 2019

Considering Equity in Vaccine Supply Chains

A strategic objective of the Global Vaccine Action Plan is to extend immunization to all equitably, yet this is far from reality in many middle- and low-income countries.  A mother’s education level, household economic status and urban–rural divides are some of the factors that…

Blog Post   |   November 19, 2015

2015 Global Health Supply Chain Summit: What’s NEXT?

Last week, the annual Global Health Supply Chain Summit took place in Dakar, Senegal, bringing together supply chain specialists and thought leaders from around the world to keep challenging each of us to strive for better performance of supply chains. It is a week…

Tool   |   February 1, 2014

Final 20 Policy Paper 1: Keeping the Cold Chain Cold

Tool   |   April 26, 2021

Equity approach to cold chain deployment: Application in Pakistan

Functioning cold chain equipment (CCE) for vaccine storage is an essential component of an end-to-end cold chain. A three-part process was developed to identify priority areas for CCE deployment and thus reduce inequities in immunization coverage. This approach involves analysing the relationship between available…

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