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Apr 4, 2022   |   Blog Post

Strengthening Health Systems through COVID-19 and Beyond

By Emily Bancroft

President, VillageReach

In 2021, I felt like I was on a roller coaster.

This is how I began the president’s letter in our 2021 Annual Impact Report. The ups and downs of the pandemic were relentless, but during this past fiscal year VillageReach continued to adapt while keeping in mind our big picture: to accelerate the development of people-centered health systems and to be a global leader in radical collaboration to scale and sustain impact.

We did this by Strengthening Health Systems through COVID-19 and Beyond, our theme for this year’s Annual Report. This mindset toward sustainability allowed us to meet a huge milestone this year. We helped improve access to quality health care for 58 million people in sub-Saharan Africa – surpassing our target of reaching 50 million people by 2023.

I am proud of our successes and lessons learned this year, and I am excited to share these with you through our Annual Impact Report and through the launch of our new website, which I invite you to explore.

We know this pandemic will continue to influence our work, and its impact on health systems will be felt for many years to come. But today I invite you to read our Annual Report, explore our new website and share our impact as we work to transform health care delivery to reach everyone. 

In solidarity, 

Emily Bancroft

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