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Mar 16, 2021   |   Blog Post

Meet Spark Health Africa: Shaping the future of the Learning Network

Spark Health Africa

By VillageReach

Igniting a new way of thinking requires a spark.

At Spark Health Africa we are this spark; a small but passionate team of changemakers who believe and live our values. Our organization’s DNA is built from a genuine belief in the power of a transformed mind, coupled with an equal measure of enthusiasm and persistence for results. As the new Learning Network steward will we ignite the change necessary to put government priorities at the center.  Because we cannot sustain impact at scale by working in silos, we use our deep understanding of the public sector and their partners organizations to support government ownership and develop common goals across partners to achieve lasting change.

COVID-19 has further emphasized the irreplaceable role of government to respond to crises and build back better. We believe that widespread change can only be achieved when the government rallies key actors around a common agenda to drive collaboration towards collective impact. This starts with a mindset shift towards transformative leadership within the government to own and address problems strategically and within the broader landscape for diverse stakeholders, including funders and social impact organisations, to commit to combining efforts towards a common good.

And we see the Learning Network as the perfect platform for changing mindsets and cultivating a transformative culture.

Our vision for the Learning Network is to bring together diverse stakeholders to find a collective voice for challenging old ways of thinking. While in theory we know collaboration is key to sustainable solutions, Learning Network members through sharing experiences and lessons learned can turn theory into practice. We plan to build this collective voice by engaging and co-creating with members via workshops, innovation sessions, and cross-fertilization sessions.

We are excited to meet and work with you all on this journey. We are the spark, but we need your voices to keep the fire burning.

Spark Health Africa is a non-profit organization based in South Africa and has done work in 7 African countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.)  Its mission is to IGNITE the power of African public-sector health teams and stakeholders to INNOVATE and improve service delivery, inspiring a culture of ownership and accountability in order to positively IMPACT health systems for healthy and productive individuals, families and communities.

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