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02.06 2018

VillageReach from a Donor’s Perspective

Individual donations are critical to VillageReach’s work, providing the resources required to bring proven innovations to scale and sustainability – starting at the last mile. Tim Carver and Maia Suhr tell us a bit more about why they choose to support VillageReach:

We’re an interesting couple, Tim having grown up in Aberdeen, WA, and Maia having grown up in South Africa. We live in the Denny Blaine area of Seattle with two teenagers and a very energetic 10-year old. We enjoy traveling, being active and spending time in the outdoors.

We got to know Med25 about two years ago through volunteer work. Med25 stood out from other nonprofits because of the program’s focus on improving health care through sustainable community-led innovation. We were drawn to the idea that community-identified needs drive solutions. We were thrilled when Med25 joined VillageReach in February 2017 as the clear mission alignment of both organizations made this a perfect fit. Both share a strong commitment to increase access to quality health care for the world’s most underserved communities, This mission alignment, as well as VillageReach’s expertise and established platforms, provide the ideal driver to expand the Med25 Program and to maximize impact.

We believe that the innovative approach of both VillageReach and Med25 is the best strategy to improve access to quality health care for the most underserved communities. As a donor you want to support organizations that have measurable outcomes and that make a real difference in the communities they serve. Both Med25 and VillageReach have a proven track record of delivering long-term, sustainable results in the communities they serve.

As a donor you want to support organizations that have measurable outcomes and that make a real difference in the communities they serve.

We hope that VillageReach continues to be a leader in innovative health care and continues to expand its presence globally to provide more underseved communities with access to quality health care. Continued use of VillageReach’s expertise in building strong partnerships and focusing on innovative solutions will allow it to build out its existing programs.

What has surprised you most about working with VillageReach?

How truly innovative the organization is! For a fairly small organization it has enjoyed incredible success in terms of increasing access to quality health care for the most underserved communities in low- and middle-income countries, since its founding in 2000.

What do you wish other people knew about last mile health care?

So many health care programs in low- and middle-income countries fail because of the lack of focus on the last mile. Sadly, it is usually communities most in need of these services and interventions that don’t have access to quality health care. VillageReach works to ensure that every solution is unique to a specific community’s needs and that everyone in those communities has access to quality health care.

What inspires you most as you consider decisions regarding your personal philanthropy?

Organizations that truly know their target audience and focus on systemic change rather than short term quick fixes. We want to see results that bring about real change for the communities the organization serves and solutions that are sustainable in the long term. If you believe in innovative health care solutions to save lives and improve access to quality health care for underserved communities, we would strongly encourage you to support VillageReach.

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