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01.13 2011

Question: This organization will be the beneficiary of Jeopardy! Champion Ken Jennings for the February Jeopardy! IBM Challenge

Answer:   Who is VillageReach?

Exciting news for us today as the popular game show Jeopardy! is announcing further details of the competition that will pit man against machine.    Ken, who broke the Jeopardy! record for the most consecutive games played by winning 74 games in a row, has selected us as beneficiary for half of his winnings from the competition.   See more details in our announcement and this one from IBM.   We’re thrilled Ken selected us after reviewing many non-profit organizations.

As Ken noted:  “VillageReach’s innovative approach to improving access to healthcare and their commitment to documenting the results of their work for donors motivated me to select them for the Jeopardy! competition.”

Where will you be February 14, 15, and 16?

Go Ken!

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