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Health Systems Support

We develop innovative approaches for strengthening the last mile of healthcare delivery to increase the capacity and efficiency of health systems.

VillageReach develops and implements innovative approaches to improving the systems that support frontline health workers including medicines and commodity management, communications, data management, and capacity building and supervision. VillageReach concentrates on the last mile of healthcare delivery, where health systems are typically the most challenged to serve the requirements of their communities.  Key elements of this approach include:

  • Assess health system capacity: quantify gaps in human capacity, supply chain, data management and infrastructure that limit healthcare delivery
  • Develop and implement new cost-effective, high impact initiatives to improve overall health system performance and health outcomes
  • Rigorously evaluate to ensure innovations are high impact and cost-effective in addressing healthcare delivery gaps
  • Build  partnerships through collaboration and advocacy to scale and sustain the most effective innovations


VillageReach applies a diverse range of capabilities to implement broad system improvement in health system capacity and efficiency including:

  • Implementation of new innovations specifically designed to address critical last mile barriers
  • Supply chain evaluation, re-design
  • Professionalization of health and supply chain workforce
  • Health system performance and cost evaluations
  • Advocacy for change in policy and practice – with multi-laterals, governments, funders and global health leaders
  • Technical assistance and facilitation of peer-to-peer learning
  • Field testing of  third party health technologies

From the Field


A better cold chain can save lives. That is why I am excited about the opportunity to observe a simple new technology solution that I think could have great impact in solving these challenges.

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Andrew Hauti

A Relief for Rural Health Workers –  improving health system performance through more effective pharmacy management and training

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Health Systems Support Initiatives and Projects


Dedicated Logistics System  In 2010, in partnership with the provincial governments and the central Ministry of Health, VillageReach launched a national expansion project to roll out the Dedicated Logistics Systems (DLS), a new approach to supply chain system design. The DLS introduced new efficiencies to Mozambique’s vaccine supply chain resulting in significant increases in fully vaccinated children, dramatic reduction in stock-outs, and reduced costs.

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mHealth for Maternal and Child Health  Chipatala cha pa Foni (CCPF), or Health Center by Phone, is an mHealth innovation in Malawi designed to increase access to timely and appropriate maternal, neonatal and child health information, advice and care. Malawi has one of the highest rates of maternal, child, and infant mortality in the world; knowing where to go for care and when to seek care are integral to reducing maternal and child mortality rates.

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Kwitanda Community Health Project The KCHP is a community-driven initiative to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in the Kwitanda Catchment area of Southern Malawi.  To strengthen and supplement the inconsistent and incomplete reporting mechanisms within Kwitanda, VillageReach has undertaken several new initiatives to improve data and understanding of maternal and child deaths including implementation of a Mother’s Registry, building partnership with the District Health Office, and introduction of investigative audits.

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“Before the DLS, visits to the health centers were every few months or when we could take advantage of an NGO partner visiting the health center. But now, we go every month. Now we can provide real-time support.”

– Cândida Persina Chaves, EPI manager,
Bilene District, Gaza Province, Mozambique

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