A Streamlined Immunization Supply Chain

Consolidating resources can reduce costs and increase vaccine availability when compared to a multi-tiered system.


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“The benefits have been phenomenal. I have seen more improvements in distribution and vaccine availability in the past few years than in the three years before that. Stock-outs of vaccines have dropped from above 15% to around 5%. This system gives us more visibility into the data coming from the health centers with improved frequency, regularity, and quality. And this has made the data credible, creating more confidence in the distribution system and in the government and providing more evidence for decision making.”

Read The Full Blog from Medical Chief, Gaza Province, Mozambique

Through the design, development, and implementation of streamlined supply chains in Mozambique and other low-income countries, VillageReach is helping governments reduce logistics costs and increase the availability of life-saving immunizations and other health commodities.

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