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Together with our partners, VillageReach combines diverse expertise across health, technology and business to develop new solutions to long-standing last mile challenges, proving that sustainable innovation can improve access to quality healthcare, even in the most challenging environments. In everything we do, we employ rigorous monitoring and evaluation to inform how best to scale and sustain the most promising innovations.

Health Center by Phone:

Chipatala cha pa Foni (CCPF), or “Health Center by Phone” extends the quality and reach of the health system through an integrated mobile technology platform and a toll free hotline/call center.

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Optimized System Design

Optimized System Design:

The Dedicated Logistics System (DLS) takes a comprehensive approach to produce proven efficiencies in vaccine supply chains including increases in fully vaccinated children, reduction in stock outs, and reduced costs.

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Better Data for Better Health:

OpenLMIS is an open source solution for automating the health supply chain, illuminating data for improved performance.


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VR Pharmacy Program

Closing the Pharmacy Gap:

The Pharmacy Assistant Training Program develops a new cadre of health worker to improve patient care and efficiencies at rural pharmacies.


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Powered by Social Business:

Through private sector engagement, VidaGas provides a reliable source of propane for rural health centers while serving a growing non-health sector client base, providing a sustainable revenue model that benefits the community and the economy.

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Bridging the Paper to Digital Data Gap: ODK Scan

ODK Scan aims to significantly reduce the amount of time health workers spend on manual data input, allowing more valuable time and resources towards frontline health service and delivery.

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Kwitanda Impact

Community Health Incubator:

The Kwitanda Community Health Project tests, implements and empowers community-lead efforts to utilize proven interventions to improve health at the community and health center level.

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