Drones for Health

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have significant potential to improve the availability of health products and services at the last mile. VillageReach is working to understand the use of drones for product delivery in low-resource environments, collaborating with stakeholders including governments, donors, NGO partners, UAS manufacturers, and local universities and technologists. We have developed costing studies, and provided guidance and program management based on our expertise in strengthening the health system at the last mile.

VillageReach believes that a more robust and coordinated evidence base is required to understand the regulatory requirements, costs and benefits associated with UAS use cases in humanitarian settings. Only then will the potential for the use of UAS at the last mile shift to a reality.

UAV Working Group

A collaborative effort from the beginning, VillageReach and partners developed the UAV for Payload Delivery Working Group (UPDWG) to serve as an informal knowledge and resource-sharing mechanism for those involved in the development, advancement, and application of UAS for public health and supply chain improvement. VillageReach coordinates all the group, donating staff time to organize calls, webinars, resources, and member outreach. Over the past year, UPDWG membership has grown to more than 80 individuals from dozens of organizations and countries. Quarterly webinars have covered topics including transportation cost modeling analysis and community and government perceptions of UAV use in sub-Saharan Africa. Future topics may include navigating the regulatory environment for country buy-in, shared frameworks for evaluating the impact of UAS, and sustainable business models for UAV system interventions.

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Next webinar:

Tuesday, 26 June at 10:00 AM ET time (GMT -4)

Dr. James Campbell, from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, will present his work on a hybrid UAV-truck delivery system. Following the presentation, there will be a discussion on how his research could be leveraged to guide the integration of drones in public health supply chains.

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drone landing
VillageReach, UNICEF and Matternet test UAV prototypes for HIV test transport in Malawi


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