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VillageReach employs staff with diverse professional backgrounds covering public health, law, business development/marketing, finance, and software development. We have approximately 75 employees across all offices, the majority of whom live and work in the communities we serve.


Emmanuelle Assy

Emmanuelle Assy - Manager, Immunization Supply Chain Improvement

The goal for global health innovation is to identify successful approaches and move them to scale – reaching as many underserved communities as possible with improved access to quality healthcare. Sometimes this is accomplished with new partners or transitioning greater ownership to country governments – but sometimes successful scaling is about sharing what we’ve learned.

Emmanuelle Assy’s job is just that. As VillageReach’s Immunization Supply Chain Improvement Manager, Emmanuelle works with stakeholders, partners, and governments around sub-Saharan Africa to introduce and explore new tools and approaches that challenge the status quo of existing supply chains. For example, she leads computer simulation modeling exercises, which help countries understand different options for making an immunization supply chain more efficient and cost effective. By reducing the risk to bold new ideas, these modeling exercises help government stakeholders think more broadly about their supply chain system and the importance of system design.

Through stakeholder workshops, Emmanuelle shares technical expertise and lessons learned from successful new approaches like the dedicated logistics system in Mozambique. Through this work, Emmanuelle helps countries learn from each other – to imagine and consider what is possible.  These workshops also give her, and VillageReach, the opportunity to learn. Working with new stakeholders in new contexts broadens our collective experience, and uncovers common threads between geographies. Once these workshops are over, Emmanuelle works with stakeholders to develop supply chain improvement plans and put some of these lessons learned into action.


Emmanuelle is well suited for this role. She brings more than 10 years of experience in supply chain management, program development and monitoring and evaluation, both in the private and public sector. She also brings a passion for public health.

“I know how easy it can be to lose one’s life because of medicine shortages. I have witnessed it. I am happy to use my knowledge of supply chain management to contribute to delivering life-saving medicines to people who need them.  I am glad to contribute to positive change on the continent that I love.”

Me & Dr Mukengeshayi, SG of DRCShe also does not shy away from the challenge. “I like to try new things and I also like challenges. Logistics in the public health sector is full of challenges. It’s a new field and it entails different forces joining together to make these changes happen for real. When stakeholders from all different backgrounds come together and share their experiences, skills, and knowledge, it becomes possible to improve existing approaches and build upon success.”

Learn more about Emmanuelle’s work in her most recent blog: Beyond “Good Enough”: System Design in Zambia

Currently based in Benin, Emmanuelle Assy leads computer simulation modeling exercises to design more cost effective immunization supply chains and provides technical guidance to develop supply chain improvement plans to ministries of health and partners throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Emmanuelle has worked for more than 10 years in supply chain management, program development and monitoring evaluation in both the private and public sector.

Prior to joining VillageReach, Emmanuelle worked as a Monitoring & Evaluation Technical Advisor with the Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP) in Benin where she was responsible of developing appropriate evaluation frameworks to the optimized logistics systems (OLS) and monitoring the national scale up of the new system in close collaboration with the national EPI logistics team and partners. She also worked for UNOPS and The Maersk Group.

Emmanuelle holds a MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the National Polytechnic Institute of Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire and a MA in International Development Studies from Ohio University. Emmanuelle is also a Fulbright alumni.

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Clement Ngombo

Clement Ngombo - Technical Advisor, Immunization Supply Chain

Clement is based in Democratic Republic of Congo, where he provides project management, stakeholder management, and resource mobilization for the development and implementation of new distribution models. He supports the capacity building of the Ministry of Health and partners at both the national and provincial levels. Clement has worked for more than 10 years in supply chain management, program development and monitoring and evaluation in public sector. Before joining VillageReach, Clement worked as a consultant on the DRC supply chain strategic plan. He has also worked as a health advisor and procurement supply manager for both government and NGOs. Clement hold his Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Lubumbashi.

Bvudzai Magadzire

Bvudzai Magadzire - Senior Technical Advisor, Research & Advocacy

Bvudzai is responsible for leading and supporting activities aimed at developing and using a robust evidence base for advocacy efforts to accelerate countries’ transition to next-generation iSC. She is pursuing her PhD in Public Health at the  University of Western Cape. In her previous work, Bvudzai has contributed to the literature around last mile healthcare access through studies, publications, and consultancies.

Wema Kamuzora

Wema Kamuzora - Senior Last Mile Advisor

Wema works across all objectives of the Global Health Supply Chain project in Tanzania to ensure that the critical perspective of the realities at rural health centers and health posts are represented in any and all central level decision-making. She provides leadership and support to the enabling environment work stream which includes team members working on governance systems, establishing operational processes, defining policy recommendations and operationalizing M&E systems. Wema is a pharmacist and has a Master’s degree in Supply Chain and post graduate diploma in HIV/AIDS Management. She has over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical management, warehouse management, quality improvement and information systems. Her previous positions include Team Leader of Pharmaceutical Management & Supply Chain at Christian Social Services Commission, HIV/AIDS Information Management Specialist at Catholic Relief Services and Warehouse Operations Officer at Medical Stores Department (MSD).

Niza Sikana

Niza Sikana - Senior eLMIS Advisor

Niza is responsible for eLMIS (Tanzania’s implementation of OpenLMIS) governance planning, communicating with the OpenLMIS community, transition planning with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), expanding the use of eLMIS, and improving data quality and use for decision-making. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Statistics, is a certified DHIS2 system administrator, and is working on a Master’s in Health Informatics. He has over 10 years of experience in the management of information systems including system design, development and administration, database design and administration, and GIS. His previous positions include Head of the Strategic Information Unit (PSI), MIS Manager (PSI) and IT MIS Engineer (Airtel).

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