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VillageReach employs staff with diverse professional backgrounds, covering public health, law, business development/marketing, finance, and software development. The majority of our team is located in the communities we serve.

Mozambique Office

Ruth Bechtel

Ruth Bechtel - Mozambique Country Director

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Aida Coelho

Aida Coelho - National Program Officer

Aida Marina Coelho holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and a Masters of Public Health from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. Having worked at the Ministry of Education for 10 years in various management capacities, her experience includes coordinating the national program of direct support to schools, implementing the Strategy to Prevent and Combat Alcohol and Drugs, and managing the national expansion of the Geração Biz project focusing on sexual and reproductive health.

Her experience in planning, implementation, monitoring, and supervision for programs focusing on promoting good health and strong coordination with government, NGO, international organization, and donor partners is valuable in her role as VillageReach Mozambique’s Program Officer where she joined in 2011. As Program Officer, she is responsible for monitoring and supervising the Dedicated Logistics System in the various provinces with a focus on implementation planning and technical management.

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Alvaro Lopes

Alvaro Lopes - National Supply Chain Officer

With a background in planning and management, experience in the private sector and NGO sector logistics, Alvaro brings a new set of skills and experience to the Mozambique team. Alvaro will lead the HERMES modeling work and the subsequent national supply chain system re-design. He will also lead our work around private sector engagement. Prior to VillageReach, he worked for several years with private sector companies including  Unilever as a Logistician Supply Chain Manager, and later as a Supply Chain Director for PSI.

Gabriel Joao

Gabriel Joao - Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Gabriel brings ten years’ work experience in Monitoring & Evaluation of health programs in Mozambique where he has worked with international NGOs and in strong collaboration with the Ministry of Health and donors such as the CDC, USAID and others. Gabriel has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and a Master’s degree in Public Health.

Katia Hamide

Katia Hamide - National Administrator

Based in Maputo, Katia is responsible for finance, Human Resource, Admin and logistics management. She manages the organization policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Katia holds a Degree in Administration and Management from the Univesidade Apolytecnica de MocambiquePreviously, she worked for Malonda Foundation as Financial and Administration Manager. In this position she was also the delegated representative for the foundation in Maputo. Katia has also worked for Ernst & Young as a senior external auditor. She brings 14 years of experience in finance and admin management.

Dianna Lourenço

Dianna Lourenço - Logistics & Modeling Associate

Dianna works closely with Ministry of Health counterparts to provide guidance on supply chain system design to improve system management and increase the availability of vaccines at health facilities. Prior to joining VillageReach Dianna worked for International Relief and Development, Swaziland as a Program Officer. She holds Bachelor of Political Science degree from Delhi University.

Margarida Matsinhe

Margarida Matsinhe - Field Officer - Maputo

Margarida António Matsinhe joined VillageReach in 2011 as the Maputo Field Officer. Her responsibilities are to implement and monitor the Dedicated Logistics System in Maputo province, and to provide technical support for the other provinces. Margarida worked for the Ministry of Health for 31 years in PAV management; one of her most important positions was that of provincial director of health, which she held for 10 years in Maputo Province.

During her career, Margarida was trained in the areas of public health, epidemiology, health management, and planning and administration in health.  She has also participated in various seminars and internships in several countries such as Congo Brazzaville, Angola, Malawi, Swaziland, Cape Verde, and Brazil.  Margarida graduated in preventive medicine at a local institute, and specialized in public health and program management at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

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Alberto Mabote

Alberto Mabote - Field Officer - Gaza

Alberto Benedito Mabote joined VillageReach in 2011 as the Field Officer for Gaza province. Previously, he worked at Pathfinder International in the Global Leader in Reproductive Health project as a Technical Advisor. He also brings 13 years of experience as the Gaza Province Immunization Manager where he implemented various strategies for immunization, managed epidemiological surveillance activities for vaccine preventable vaccines, and oversaw vaccine logistics for the province. As the Field Officer, he is responsible for ensuring the Dedicated Logistics System is implemented in Gaza province, providing technical assistance to our government partners, and monitoring the success of the implementation.

Gregorio Janeiro

Gregorio Janeiro - Immunization Program Manager

Gregorio joined VillageReach in November 2014. He recently graduated in Biology from the Pedagogical University of Niassa. He has technical training in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Sanitation and he brings to VillageReach extensive experience working in the health sector, especially in the EPI program. He has a lot of field experience in management and monitoring of EPI activities from provincial level to district and health units . In addition he has skills and experience in using innovative methods for data collection, management, analysis and use within the EPI program context.

Before joining VillageReach Gregorio was provincial EPI chief in Niassa province for almost six years. He has also worked as head of Community Health in the Districts of Lichinga and Cuamba, where he cumulatively served as the focal point for Malaria , EPI Epidemiological Surveillance and head of the District Statistical Unit.

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Dércio Duvane

Dércio Duvane - Information Systems Officer

OpenLMIS, SELV, iSC. To most people these acronyms don’t mean much. To me, they tell a story of getting vaccines to the most remote communities in Mozambique. Sistema Electronico de Logstica de Vacinas (SELV) is the local name of a software used to record information about where vaccines need to go and how they are going to get there – an implementation of OpenLMIS, a logistics management information system (LMIS). As the Information Systems Officer at VillageReach, it’s my job to provide technical assistance and support for this critical software.  The BETA version of  OpenLMIS 3.0 was launched last week, representing a major milestone in the evolution of software that continues to demonstrate the import and impact of robust information systems at the last mile.

photo-3Over the last few weeks, my colleagues and I traveled to five provinces around Mozambique to talk about SELV. In some provinces like Cabo Delgado, SELV is an established tool. In others like Maputo City, SELV is brand new. VillageReach and the Ministry of Health are just beginning to expand the reach of SELV to all eleven provinces, so this trip provided me an opportunity to meet stakeholders, introduce myself as a resource, and find out how we can better support SELV within the immunization supply chain.

Throughout my trip, I received feedback and suggestions on how to improve SELV and how it has already made an impact in Mozambique.

“SELV will make it easier for me to elaborate reports at the end of each distribution.”

SELV uses the preexisting Ministry of Health forms as the basis for data collection. This means that even the least experienced user feels comfortable filling out the forms. This similarity makes it easier for new users to understand what data is needed in each field. In Maputo City province, however, some of the first-time users were worried that SELV was just another tool collecting the same information. This gave me an opportunity to show how much faster and more efficient SELV is for collecting and analyzing data and providing reports. It’s much easier and faster to export the data – saving the health workers time and energy that they could spend on other important tasks.

“The Health Unit Performance Map on SELV can give me a quick overview of which Health Units need to be prioritized on my next distribution.”

photo-5SELV is making a massive impact on the immunization supply chain, as logistics personnel now have visibility into what each health center needs. Using the information collected through SELV, these personnel can determine what tasks they’ll need to complete before arriving at the health center, whether it’s addressing a stockout of key vaccines, or a fridge that’s not working as it should. In Zambezia province, we found that by analyzing the consumption of vaccines through monthly reports logistics personnel were able to decide how many vaccines they should request for the next distribution, thereby lowering the probability of a stockout. With more information, logisticians are able to come up with a plan and be prepared for their distributions, increasing their effectiveness and preventing stockouts and other problems faster.

“I can identify issues just by looking at the data I’m inserting on SELV.”

SELV provides a source of information and data that can be compared to other sources of information on vaccine availability. By looking at these comparisons, it becomes possible to understand the underlying causes of stockouts. In Zambezia province, stockouts were regularly recorded over the last three months due to delays in delivering the needed vaccines. Using SELV data, it became apparent that these stockouts were caused when there were delays in processing funds for per diems and fuel. With this information, logistics personnel can find new ways to ensure that issues like this don’t repeat themselves.

This tour of provinces was a way to fortify interest in SELV.  In Mozambique, SELV provides a clear picture of the vaccine supply chain, making it easy to see what is working and what needs improvement. Product data is analyzed regularly and this data is being used to make much needed changes. Staff in the provinces that currently use SELV spoke very highly of it, and the people I met all demonstrate a great commitment to improve the immunization supply chain, making me proud to provide them with the best tool possible.

Dercio provides technical leadership for the Mozambique implementation of OpenLMIS (SELV) and its national scale-up. In addition, he provides support for other OpenLMIS initiatives in Mozambique, as well as other countries. Prior to joining VillageReach, Dercio was the head software developer at DotCom, and previously worked as a programmer with LabSoft. He holds a BSc from the Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique.

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Paulo Dario

Paulo Dario - Administrative Assistant

Paulo Luis Dario joined VillageReach in July 2014 as Administrative Assistant. Before joining VillageReach, Paulo worked for Somotor and for Shark-Rent-a-Car, both private sector companies in Maputo. He has experience in office administrative work like procurement, filing, organizing for conferences, transport fleet management, payment of wages.

Fernando Augusto

Fernando Augusto - Driver - Niassa

Fernando joined VillageReach in June 2010 as a driver for Niassa Province. In 1988, Fernando made his first trip to Lichinga for business with his uncle, and received his Mozambique Professional Driver License. H e has since gained experience as a driver during his work for a construction company in Lichinga and Maputo.

Estevão Raul Mabjaia

Estevão Raul Mabjaia - Driver - Maputo

Estevao Raul Mabjaia joined VillageReach in August 2011 as Driver for Maputo Province. Estevão has had experience as a driver since 1975 and has worked for several companies in Mozambique and South Africa, transporting goods and people.
Estevao holds a Mozambican professional Driver License.

Timoteo Chaluco

Timoteo Chaluco - Visibility and Analytics Support Advisor

Timoteo provides support for visibility and analytics for EPI data. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science for Management from A Politécnica University in Mozambique. He has seven years of experience working for NGOs in the public health sector. He also has experience in IT applications designed to collect data through mobile devices.

Fidel Paizone

Fidel Paizone - EPI Regional Advisor

Fidel has a degree in Public Health from the Institutio Superior de Ciencias de Saude (ISCISA) in Mozambique. He worked for more than a decade for the Mozambique Ministry of Health in the EPI program and monitoring and evaluation. He provided technical support and supervision for EPI in several provinces.

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