Our Team: Malawi

VillageReach employs staff with diverse professional backgrounds, covering public health, law, business development/marketing, finance, and software development. The majority of our team is located, in the communities we serve.

Malawi Office

Jessica Crawford

Jessica Crawford - Malawi Country Director

As Malawi Country Director, Jess is responsible for the leadership and administration of the VillageReach Malawi country office including the management of a multidisciplinary team of nearly 30 employees and various country programs in supply chain, mHealth, maternal and child health, human resources, and community health. In her role, Jess serves as the primary representative of the organization to stakeholders in Malawi including the Ministry of Health, donors, and program partners and to VillageReach’s Seattle headquarters. Jess has over a decade of experience in the design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of health system programs in public health systems both in the USA and abroad. She has worked on projects in Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

Prior to joining VillageReach, Jess worked in Health Services Administration at the University of Washington specializing in quality improvement and previously served as a community health educator in Tanzania with the Peace Corps. Jess holds a MPH in Health Services and a MA in Policy Studies from the University of Washington and as well as a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and BA in Sociology.

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Barbara Jones Singer

Barbara Jones Singer - Interim Country Director – Malawi

Barbara has consulted for a variety of organizations in the areas of malaria, HIV, risk assessment, and food security.    She has a PhD in maternal and child health, and joint master degrees in public health and social work.   Prior to moving to Malawi, Barbara worked for the University of Maryland and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Zachariah Jezman

Zachariah Jezman - Project Manager

Jezman joined VillageReach in April 2011 as a Project Coordinator where he was responsible for coordinating community outreach, social mobilization, and health education activities pertaining to maternal and child health in the district of Balaka. In 2012, Jezman was promoted to Project Manager of the Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Innovations Project. Jezman comes to VillageReach with years of professional community health experience and clinical expertise.

Prior to his work with VillageReach, Jezman worked on a variety of community health programs with groups such as the Clinton Foundation, Johns Hopkins, NANM, and the Mulanje College of Nursing. Jezman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the Kamuzu College of Nursing. He is registered with the Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi, a standing committee member of the National Organization of Nurses of Malawi and a member of the Copyright Association of Malawi.

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Saiti Chikwapulo

Saiti Chikwapulo - Project Manager

Saiti is responsible for all aspects of the project, including project design and implementation, personnel, and finance and administration. He joined VillageReach in January 2012.
Before joining VillageReach, Saiti was the associate director of programs – HIV/AIDS for Frank Management Consultants, a Nairobi-based management consulting firm with a number of contracts in Lilongwe for health related programs. His responsibilities included working with the government and NGOs to design and assess programs covering health, HIV and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Prior to joining the consulting firm, he was the program officer for Essential Health Services and Governance for the Malawi Health Equity Network. In this role, he led the Malawi Health Equity Network’s Health Service Delivery Satisfaction Study and Access to Medicines study and campaign.

Saiti has held a number of senior government positions: he was the director of Health and Social Services for the City of Mzuzu and the assistant director of Health and Environmental Services for the City of Zomba, and as well as an environmental health officer in Mangochi, Karonga, Lilongwe and Zomba districts early in his career.
Saiti has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health, and significant experience working directly with communities to create high quality, cost-effective health and economic development interventions.

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Matthew Ziba

Matthew Ziba - Project Manager

Matthew is responsible for overseeing and supporting the implementation of the program. Matthew has vast experience in supply chain and hospital administration. Before joining VillageReach, Matthew previously worked with the United Nations Development Program on the Millennium Villages Project as Operations and Logistics Manager for more than three years. Before then, he worked as the Principal Hospital Manager for Nkhoma Hospital and Administrative Manager at St John of God Community Health Services. Matthew holds a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management from University of Bolton, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Malawi the Polytechnic.

Charles Matemba

Charles Matemba - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Pharmacy Assistants Program

Charles is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation plan for the Pharmacy Assistant Training program. Charles has extensive monitoring and evaluation experience. He most recently worked with Research Triangle International as an EMIS (Education Management Information System) and M&E Advisor where he worked with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to strengthen their information systems, improved the monitoring and evaluation of Ministry initiatives and worked to improve data quality throughout the country. Charles has worked with various organizations such as JICA, UNDP, and UNV in different capacities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

Robert Saiti

Robert Saiti - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project

Robert Saiti is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project in VillageReach’s Balaka Office. Robert originally joined VillageReach as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project in July of 2012 before becoming the M&E Officer. Previously, Robert worked as a volunteer with VillageReach. He also worked as an Environmental Health Officer (Trainee) with the Ministry of Health in the Balaka and Machinga District Health Offices. Robert has a BSc. in Environmental Health.

Shallnever Tambala

Shallnever Tambala - Project Assistant

As Project Assistant working on the Pharmacy Assistant Training Program, Shallnever Tambala works closely with the program team to implement and oversee a high quality practical training program for the PA students. He is responsible for orienting health center and hospital staff, developing practical training materials, and supporting supervision of students and mentors during the practical training period. In addition, Shallnever assists the Malawi College of Health Sciences as a part time pharmacy lecturer. Shallnever is a pharmacy technician by training with experience working in the MoH and Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) hospitals. He most recently worked with Medicines Sans Frontiers to mentor clinicians, nurses, and community health workers in pharmacy best practices.

Novice Gauti

Novice Gauti - Case Management Hotline Supervisor, ICT to Improve Health Sciences for Mothers and Children Project

Novice Gauti joined VillageReach as a Case Management Hotline Supervisor for the Chipatala cha pa Foni Project in January 2013. She oversees the daily operations of MNCH toll free case management hotline. Novice worked on a variety of Community Health Programmes including the Catholic Health Commission. Novice was previously the Home Based Care Zone Coordinator for Balaka district. At Catholic Development Commission she worked as HIV/AIDS Officer for Namkumba Parish, a Nurse at St Lukes Mission Hospital, and a Palliative Care and Home Based Care Nurse for the College of Medicine. Novice holds a Certificate in Nursing and Midwife Technician from Malawi College for Health Sciences. She has also been trained in palliative care, home based care, HIV/AIDS counseling in children, and herbal medicine production and management.

Doreen Namasala

Doreen Namasala - Hotline Worker, ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project

Doreen joined VillageReach as a Hotline Worker in September 2011. Prior to joining VillageReach, she worked with Save the Children as a Health Surveillance Assistant under the Child Survival Programme, Malaria Programme, and Support to Family Health Programme from 1996 to 2000. She also worked with WorldVision Malawi as a Development Facilitator for Family planning and HIV/AIDS from 2001 to 2006. Doreen holds a Malawi Junior Certificate and has a Health Surveillance Assistant certificate and Community Based Distributor Agent Certificate for family planning.

Hanna James

Hanna James - Hotline Worker, ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project

Hanna James joined VillageReach as a volunteer for the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Innovations Project in January 2012. She now works as a Chipatala cha pa foni (Health Centre by Phone) Hotline Worker. As a Hotline Worker, she supports the community by providing advice, information and referrals to pregnant women and caregivers of young children through a free phone service run out of the district hospital in Balaka. Hanna has an Advanced Diploma in Public Health.

Beauty Waekha

Beauty Waekha - Case Management Hotline Nurse

Beauty Waekha joined Village Reach in April 2014 as a Hotline Nurse. She holds a Bachelor of Schience in Public Health, a Diploma in nursing and midwifery, certificates in Prevention from Mother to Child Transmission, monitoring and evaluation, human resources for health and has attended training in basic emergency management for obstetric conditions and quality assurance. She has two years practical experience in labor ward, postnatal ward antenatal, family planning and under five children. She has worked with Machinga municipality in implementing Public Health Laws.

Mphatso Kuphanga - Hotline Worker, Innovations in MNCH

Makson Sekheya - Hotline Worker, Innovations in MNCH

Beatrice Chaponda

Beatrice Chaponda - Community Health Facilitator, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Fidelis Malemia

Fidelis Malemia - Community Health Facilitator, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Pemphero Katondo

Pemphero Katondo - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Pemphero has worked with Zomba DHO in similar (HSA) position and Zaone Extension Planning Area in Zomba in the area of community nutrition besides being engaged as an enumerator in some research work. More info to come!

Charles Isaac

Charles Isaac - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Charles Isaac also joined Village Reach in April 2009. Charles is responsible for 2 Villages: Chipumi and Kasonya with a total population of 1168. Before joining VillageReach, Charles worked as an HTC Volunteer at the Kwitanda Health Center for 3 years. Isaac focuses on village inspections and promotion of sanitation and personal hygiene in the community he serves.
Charles holds a Malawi Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) certificate obtained in 1999. He also has certificates of attendance in: HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), Community Therapeutic Care (CTC) and Basic First Aid.

Gladys Kaselo

Gladys Kaselo - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Gladys Kaselo joined VillageReach in May 2009. She is stationed at Dziwe area, managing 3 Villages: Sitima, Kasonya and Chipumi with a total population of 858. Gladys also operates a village clinic in her area.
Gladys received a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), which she obtained in 2006. She also has certificate in Participatory and Hygiene Transformation (PHAST), and certificates in First Aid (2008) and Community Therapeutic Care (2009). Gladys has recently been trained in maternal and neonatal health, which is aimed at reducing maternal deaths and new born children. The knowledge gained will be of help to the community in her catchment area, especially the pregnant women owing to the long distance which they cover (about 19 kilometers) to Kwitanda health centre to seek maternal health.

Before she joined VillageReach, Gladys worked as volunteer teacher at Nsambadzi Primary School in Balaka.

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Catherine Kazembe

Catherine Kazembe - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Catherine Kazembe joined VillageReach in April 2009. Catherine serves 2 Villages: Malunga and Gwaladi with a total population of 690.
She holds a Malawi junior certificate which she obtained in 2005. She also holds a certificate in Community Based Therapeutic Care (CTC), obtained in 2009. Catherine is one of the HSAs engaged in sanplat casting and installation in her catchment area. So far Catherine has casted 84 sanplats, i.e. for 84 households and of the 84 households 23 have so far managed to construct pit latrines and installed the sanplats.

Mackson Khalawako

Mackson Khalawako - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Mackson Khalawako joined VillageReach in September 2008. He serves a population of 971 from two villages: Bakili and Makande. In addition to the health surveillance assistant’s duties, Mackson also manages a village clinic in his catchment area. His performance has won the hearts of many people in his catchment area. Since he started implementing a village clinic in May 2010, Mackson has managed to see 846 children. This is a clear indication that many mothers take their U/5 sick children to him for treatment.
Mackson is a holder of a Malawi Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) obtained in 1997.

Antsey Lwanda

Antsey Lwanda - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Anstey Lwanda joined VillageReach in June 2010. Anstey is currently undergoing orientation at Balaka district hospital and will soon be posted to Chikamana Village. The village has a population of 912. Prior to joining VillageReach, Anstey worked as a health surveillance assistant at Malawi College of Medicine in the Rota Vaccine Project for 2 years. In 1999 she was employed by Balaka Town Assembly as an HSA health Surveillance Assistant.
Anstey is a holder of Malawi School Certificate of Education. In addition, she holds a certificate as a trained health surveillance assistant from Mwanza Primary Health Care (PHC) Centre, obtained in 1999.

Chrissie Katunga

Chrissie Katunga - Accounts Assistant

Chrissie Katunga has worked as an administrative assistant since March 2010, and is responsible for providing secretarial, accounting and general office administration that includes stores management.
Chrissie has long experience in accounting work, having worked as a cashier at Comfort Clinic from 1997 to 2000, and accounts assistant with Prison Fellowship Malawi for 3 years from 2003 to 2006. She also worked as a stock controller at the National Small Holder Farmers Association of Malawi in 2007, as a matron at Bakhita Education Complex in 2007, and as a home craft worker with the Tiyende Women in Development Project from 2001-2002. Chrissie completed her certified accounting technician examination in June, 2008 at the Malawi College of Accountancy.

Fanny Mulwafu

Fanny Mulwafu - Finance and Administrative Assistant

Fanny is responsible for managing the office finances and performing all administrative duties for the Pharmacy Assistants Program. Fanny comes to VillageReach with over six years of professional experience in both account management and secretarial work. She most recently worked as the secretary to the executive director at the Sue Ryder Foundation in Balaka. Fanny holds a Diploma in Management and Business Studies from the Malawi Polytechnic College and a Certificate in Business Computing from the Malawi College of Accountancy.

Nettie Nyoni

Nettie Nyoni - Administrative Assistant

Wilfred Nawani

Wilfred Nawani - Accounts Clerk

Gertrude Nowa

Gertrude Nowa - Office Assistant

Gertrude joined VillageReach in April 2013 as an Office Assistant. Prior VillageReach, Gertrude worked as a Receptionist/Office Assistant for five years at Steel Works. Gertrude holds a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE).

Joy Chipiko

Joy Chipiko - Driver and Office Assistant

Joy joined VillageReach in 2009 as a driver and office assistant.
Joy has extensive experience as a driver, having worked for 14 years with Save the Children USA. His responsibilities include: driving VillageReach staff and stakeholders, vehicle, mail delivery, and other official duties as assigned may by the authorities.
Joy has a Malawi Junior Certificate and PGD Driving License He has also attended defensive driving and first aid courses.

Stevie Chiwenda

Stevie Chiwenda - Driver and Office Assistant

Stevie joined VillageReach as a driver and office assistant in February 2013. Prior to joining VillageReach, Stevie worked with Gift Transport as a Senior Driver. Stevie holds a Malawi Junior Certificate and underwent a Defensive Driving Course. He is from Toleza village in Balaka.

Godfrey Dzoole

Godfrey Dzoole - Driver and Office Assistant

Godfrey joined VillageReach in March 2013 as a Driver and Office Assistant. Prior to VillageReach, Godfrey worked as a driver for Cilcon Construction Company for eight years. Godfrey has a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), a Class CE Driving License, and underwent a Defensive Driving Certificate course.

Ganizani Chimwala

Ganizani Chimwala - Security Guard

Ganizani Chimwala joined VillageReach in January 2009. He serves as a security Guard, with the responsibility for providing security during day and night on shifts and any other duties as assigned by the manager and administrative assistant.
Ganizani holds a junior certificate. Previously, he worked with Group 4 Securicor (G4S) as a security guard for two years.

Lastone Chipole

Lastone Chipole - Security Guard

Lastone Chipole joined VillageReach in April 2009. He serves as a security Guard (SG) with the responsibility for providing security during day and night on shifts and any other duties as assigned by the manager and administrative assistant.
He holds a junior certificate. Previously he worked with Group 4 Securicor (G4S) as a security guard for two years.

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