Our Team: Malawi

VillageReach employs staff with diverse professional backgrounds, covering public health, law, business development/marketing, finance, and software development. The majority of our team is located in the communities we serve.

Malawi Office

Carla Blauvelt

Carla Blauvelt - Malawi Country Director

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Matthew Ziba

Matthew Ziba - Project Manager, Supply Chain

Matthew is responsible for overseeing and supporting the implementation of the Pharmacy Assistant Training program. Matthew has vast experience in supply chain and hospital administration. Before joining VillageReach, Matthew previously worked with the United Nations Development Program on the Millennium Villages Project as Operations and Logistics Manager for more than three years. Before then, he worked as the Principal Hospital Manager for Nkhoma Hospital and Administrative Manager at St John of God Community Health Services. Matthew holds a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management from University of Bolton, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Malawi the Polytechnic.

Shallnever Tambala

Shallnever Tambala - Project Assistant

As Project Assistant working on the Pharmacy Assistant Training Program, Shallnever Tambala works closely with the program team to implement and oversee a high quality practical training program for the PA students. He is responsible for orienting health center and hospital staff, developing practical training materials, and supporting supervision of students and mentors during the practical training period. In addition, Shallnever assists the Malawi College of Health Sciences as a part time pharmacy lecturer. Shallnever is a pharmacy technician by training with experience working in the MoH and Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) hospitals. He most recently worked with Medicines Sans Frontiers to mentor clinicians, nurses, and community health workers in pharmacy best practices.

Zachariah Jezman

Zachariah Jezman - Program Manager, Digital Health

Jezman joined VillageReach in April 2011 as a Project Coordinator where he was responsible for coordinating community outreach, social mobilization, and health education activities pertaining to maternal and child health in the district of Balaka. In 2012, Jezman was promoted to Project Manager of the Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Innovations Project. Jezman comes to VillageReach with years of professional community health experience and clinical expertise.

Prior to his work with VillageReach, Jezman worked on a variety of community health programs with groups such as the Clinton Foundation, Johns Hopkins, NANM, and the Mulanje College of Nursing. Jezman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the Kamuzu College of Nursing. He is registered with the Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi, a standing committee member of the National Organization of Nurses of Malawi and a member of the Copyright Association of Malawi.

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Patience Tchongwe

Patience Tchongwe - Hotline Supervisor

Patience has a BSc in nursing with a focus on Nutrition and Food Science. She worked as a nurse and midwife at Mwanza District Hospital MoH before going back to Bunda college of Agriculture to study nutrition and food science. Patience is the lead hotline supervisor for Airtel Chipatala Cha Pa Foni, providing overall management of hotline operations.

Wellington Limbanga

Wellington Limbanga - Hotline Nurse

Wellington is a State Registered Nurse and Midwife. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Midwifery from the University of Malawi, Kamuzu College of Nursing. Before VillageReach, Wellington worked as a Nursing Officer at Machinga District Hospital. He has also worked as a Research Supervisor, Primary and Secondary School Teacher, and a Field Supervisor.

Omega Sambo

Omega Sambo - Nutrition Officer

Omega is a qualified clinician and nutritionist. She has a certificate in clinical medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science. She worked in Balaka as Health Centre In-charge for Kwitanda Health Centre before going back to college to study nutrition and food science. She has knowledge and skill in Antiretroviral Therapy (ART), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) management, offering Youth Friendly Health Services, Emergency Triaging and Treatment (ETAT), Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI), and Acute Respiratory Illnesses(ARI), among other critical medical conditions in the country.

Doreen Namasala

Doreen Namasala - Hotline Worker

Doreen joined VillageReach as a Hotline Worker in September 2011. Prior to joining VillageReach, she worked with Save the Children as a Health Surveillance Assistant under the Child Survival Programme, Malaria Programme, and Support to Family Health Programme from 1996 to 2000. She also worked with WorldVision Malawi as a Development Facilitator for Family planning and HIV/AIDS from 2001 to 2006. Doreen holds a Malawi Junior Certificate and has a Health Surveillance Assistant certificate and Community Based Distributor Agent Certificate for family planning.

Hannah James

Hannah James - Hotline Worker

Hannah James joined VillageReach as a volunteer for the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Innovations Project in January 2012. She now works as a Chipatala Cha Pa Foni (Health Centre by Phone) Hotline Worker. As a Hotline Worker, she supports the community by providing advice, information and referrals to pregnant women and caregivers of young children through a free phone service run out of the district hospital in Balaka. Hannah has an Advanced Diploma in Public Health.

Gabriel Funsani

Gabriel Funsani - Hotline Worker

A holder of an Advanced Diploma in Public Health, Gabriel joined VillageReach Malawi as a Hotline Worker in November 2015. Before joining VillageReach Gabriel worked with the Ministry of Health as Health Surveillance Assistant Supervisor from December 1992 to October 2015. His passion is to improve the health status of underprivileged Malawian communities. He is also skilled in areas of supervision, community mobilization, nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene, community-based maternal and neonatal child health, HTC services, TB, integrated management of childhood illness supervision, family planning, maternal and child health, and monitoring and evaluation.

Pemphero Katondo

Pemphero Katondo - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Pemphero joined VillageReach in October 2014 as a Health Surveillance Assistant for Kwitanda Community Health Project and became a hotline worker for Airtel Chipatala Cha Pa Foni in November 2015.

Before joining VillageReach, Pemphero was as a volunteer at Domasi Rural Hospital. He holds a Diploma in Nutrition and has vast knowledge and experience in areas of maternal, neonatal, and child health management, water sanitation and hygiene, and community case management.

Upile Kachila

Upile Kachila - Technical Assistant, CCPF

Bringing a program to scale can’t be done single-handedly. It requires the commitment of partners working collaboratively towards a common goal and a dedicated team to keep up momentum as new and unexpected challenges arise. Sometimes, key individuals drive a project forward. They find themselves in the unique position to motivate partners and steward the larger team. Upile Kachila is one of these people.

As the new VillageReach Technical Assistant seconded to the Malawi Ministry of Health, Upile is helping guide the Chipatala Cha Pa Foni program through the process of national scale-up. CCPF, or Health Center by Phone, provides easily accessible health information and referrals for over 1.3 million people in eight districts in Malawi. With dedicated partners like Johnson & Johnson Corporate Contributions and Airtel committed to the transition and scale up, in addition to the partners supporting the districts,  CCPF is continuing to expand both in scope and scale, with the goal of reaching every one of the 28 districts and all 16 million people. Upile will play a critical role, helping to lay the groundwork for a truly sustainable, country-wide service.

Working out of the Ministry of Health in the Central Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Upile works directly with the Ministry to build a two-way transition plan which will guide the Ministry as it takes full ownership of the CCPF call center. She is identifying key personnel within the Ministry and building their capacity to provide the technical and administrative support for the hotline in collaboration with partners like Baobab Health. In this role, Upile is uniquely placed to predict possible roadblocks to a successful scale up, and mitigate them long before they happen. She will build a roll-out plan and a community mobilization plan, utilizing the lessons VillageReach has learned already, leveraging  the broad strengths of the CCPF partners.

“Working on this new and vital phase of CCPF is an exciting and motivating challenge. Being a focal point to coordinate the efforts that will see CCPF successfully adopted by the Ministry of Health at full scale is most exciting. In addition, the fact that I will be working with high-end delegates in a technical advisory capacity to promote and progress the vision of the ‘health center by phone’ makes me want to get up and go to work every morning.”

Upile at Work

Upile is also charged with strengthening relationships – between VillageReach, the Ministry of Health, and key partners like Airtel Malawi and Baobab Health. She is creating even stronger connections between partners, engaging them in scale up planning to ensure buy-in and sustainability. Currently, Upile is working with these partners to establish the steering committee who will work alongside the Ministry, guiding CCPF to further success.

Upile comes to this role with a passion for global health. “I have always wanted to be a part of a diverse movement that utilized innovative ideas to achieve universal health coverage in Malawi. Health access in Malawi is hugely impeded with challenges in accessibility, affordability especially within the hard-to-reach, underserved communities.” With her background in marketing, communication, and community mobilization, as well as a strong background in a range of health topics, Upile will be able to guide CCPF’s government-led national roll out. With her support, and the efforts of a dedicated team of individuals and partners, CCPF will reach the last mile in Malawi.

Upile works with the Malawi Ministry of Health to develop a two-way transition plan for the Chipatala Cha Pa Foni program. She conducts capacity building and monitors the development of the national CCPF scale-up strategy and community mobilization plan. Upile previously worked for Population Services International as a Project Coordinator for the Social Franchise Project. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science Global Challenges degree with the University of Edinburgh, specializing in Global Health, Environment, and Development.

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Monica Mutega

Monica Mutega - Hotline Nurse

Monica joined VillageReach in May 2016 as a Hotline Nurse. Monica holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Midwifery from the University of Malawi, Kamuzu College of Nursing. Before coming to VillageReach, she worked at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital as an ER nurse and at Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GIAI) as a community health nurse.

Maggie Matewere

Maggie Matewere - Hotline Worker

A holder of a certificate in Business Administration, Maggie worked with VillageReach as Hotline Volunteer, later joining the Organization as Hotline Worker. Before joining the VillageReach, she worked with Malawi Cotton Company as a secretary and an Import & Export Officer.

Isaac Hauhau

Isaac Hauhau - Hotline Worker

Isaac holds a Diploma in Accounting. He joined VillageReach as a volunteer in December 2015, and was recruited as a hotline worker in February 2016. Before joining Village Reach he worked as an accounts assistant and a sales representative at H.T.C Supplies in Lilongwe. He has experience in accounting standards and customer care services.

Madalitso Mangwaya

Madalitso Mangwaya - Project Assistant - mNutrition Project

Madalitso Mangwaya  is the Project Assistant for mNutrition Project- Food Domain. She is a nurse by profession and with a BSc. in Nutrition and Food Science. Before joining VillageReach, Madalitso worked as nurse at Embangweni Mission Hospital, African Bible College Community Clinic and Mwaiwathu Private Hospital.

Beauty Wayekha

Beauty Wayekha - Project Assistant

Beauty Wayekha joined Village Reach in April 2014 as a Hotline Nurse. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, a Diploma in nursing and midwifery, certificates in Prevention from Mother to Child Transmission, monitoring and evaluation, human resources for health and has attended training in basic emergency management for obstetric conditions and quality assurance. She has two years practical experience in labor ward, postnatal ward antenatal, family planning and under five children. She has worked with Machinga municipality in implementing Public Health Laws.

Beatrice Chaponda

Beatrice Chaponda - Project Coordinator, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Beatrice first joined VillageReach in June 2013 as an Agribusiness Project Officer for Kwitanda Economic Development. She also worked as a Community Health Facilitator before assuming her current position as Project Coordinator.

She studied Business Administration at the University of Malawi- The Polytechnic.  Beatrice is a social entrepreneur, her business skills and knowledge in the field of health help her influence the community in the uptake of social services.

Fidelis Malemia

Fidelis Malemia - Community Health Facilitator, Kwitanda Community Health Project

A holder of an Advanced Diploma in Rural and Community Development and a Teacher by experience, Fidelis joined VillageReach in September 2013 as a Community Health Facilitator for Kwitanda Community Health Project. Before joining VillageReach he worked with private teaching institutions and Chifundo Orphans care Project, a Catholic Faith Based Organization in areas of orphan care and community services.

Christopher Feza

Christopher Feza - Community Health Facilitator, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Christopher joined VillageReach on May 1st,  2015 as a Community Health Facilitator for Kwitanda Community Health Project. He holds a Diploma in Business Management from Amity University.

Christopher first worked with VillageReach as an Enumerator during the 2014 Kwitanda Community Health Project Annual Evaluation. Before joining VillageReach he worked as a field promoter with two agri-business companies and gained experience with Project Malawi under Tropical Agri-Pest Control Programme.

Davie Chimbalanga

Davie Chimbalanga - Community Health Facilitator, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Davie joined VillageReach in 2011 as a CCPF hotline worker, becoming a CCPF Supervisor and finally a Community Outreach Coordinator. In 2013, he moved to the Kwitanda Community Health Project as a Community Health Facilitator. Before coming to VillageReach, Davie worked as a project supervisor with Family Life and Aids Education Ministry, as well as a Quality Control Manager with the Malawi Electoral Commission. He holds certificates from the Mpemba Staff Development Institute in Project Management and Training for Transformation.

Mackson Khalawako

Mackson Khalawako - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Mackson Khalawako joined VillageReach in September 2008. He serves a population of 971 from two villages: Bakili and Makande. In addition to the health surveillance assistant’s duties, Mackson also manages a village clinic in his catchment area. His performance has won the hearts of many people in his catchment area. Since he started implementing a village clinic in May 2010, Mackson has managed to see 846 children. This is a clear indication that many mothers take their U/5 sick children to him for treatment.
Mackson is a holder of a Malawi Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) obtained in 1997.

Charles Isaac

Charles Isaac - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Charles Isaac  joined Village Reach in April 2009. Charles is responsible for 2 Villages: Chipumi and Kasonya with a total population of 1,168. Before joining VillageReach, Charles worked as an HTC Volunteer at the Kwitanda Health Center for 3 years. Isaac focuses on village inspections and promotion of sanitation and personal hygiene in the community he serves.
Charles holds a Malawi Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) certificate obtained in 1999. He also has certificates of attendance in HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), Community Therapeutic Care (CTC) and Basic First Aid.

Gladys Kaselo

Gladys Kaselo - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Gladys Kaselo joined VillageReach in May 2009. She is stationed at Dziwe area, managing 3 Villages: Sitima, Kasonya and Chipumi with a total population of 858. Gladys also operates a village clinic in her area.
Gladys received a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), which she obtained in 2006. She also has certificate in Participatory and Hygiene Transformation (PHAST), and certificates in First Aid (2008) and Community Therapeutic Care (2009). Gladys has recently been trained in maternal and neonatal health, which is aimed at reducing maternal deaths and new born children. The knowledge gained will be of help to the community in her catchment area, especially the pregnant women owing to the long distance which they cover (about 19 kilometers) to Kwitanda health centre to seek maternal health.

Before she joined VillageReach, Gladys worked as volunteer teacher at Nsambadzi Primary School in Balaka.

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Catherine Kazembe

Catherine Kazembe - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Catherine Kazembe joined VillageReach in April 2009. Catherine serves 2 Villages: Malunga and Gwaladi with a total population of 690.
She holds a Malawi junior certificate which she obtained in 2005. She also holds a certificate in Community Based Therapeutic Care (CTC), obtained in 2009. Catherine is one of the HSAs engaged in sanplat casting and installation in her catchment area. So far Catherine has casted 84 sanplats, i.e. for 84 households and of the 84 households 23 have so far managed to construct pit latrines and installed the sanplats.

Antsey Lwanda

Antsey Lwanda - Health Surveillance Assistant, Kwitanda Community Health Project

Anstey Lwanda joined VillageReach in June 2010. Anstey is currently undergoing orientation at Balaka district hospital and will soon be posted to Chikamana Village. The village has a population of 912. Prior to joining VillageReach, Anstey worked as a health surveillance assistant at Malawi College of Medicine in the Rota Vaccine Project for 2 years. In 1999 she was employed by Balaka Town Assembly as an HSA health Surveillance Assistant.
Anstey is a holder of Malawi School Certificate of Education. In addition, she holds a certificate as a trained health surveillance assistant from Mwanza Primary Health Care (PHC) Centre, obtained in 1999.

Charles Matemba

Charles Matemba - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Pharmacy Assistants Program

Charles is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation plan for the Pharmacy Assistant Training program. Charles has extensive monitoring and evaluation experience. He most recently worked with Research Triangle International as an EMIS (Education Management Information System) and M&E Advisor where he worked with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to strengthen their information systems, improved the monitoring and evaluation of Ministry initiatives and worked to improve data quality throughout the country. Charles has worked with various organizations such as JICA, UNDP, and UNV in different capacities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

Robert Saiti

Robert Saiti - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project

Robert Saiti is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project in VillageReach’s Balaka Office. Robert originally joined VillageReach as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the ICT to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children Project in July of 2012 before becoming the M&E Officer. Previously, Robert worked as a volunteer with VillageReach. He also worked as an Environmental Health Officer (Trainee) with the Ministry of Health in the Balaka and Machinga District Health Offices. Robert has a BSc. in Environmental Health.

Stanford Msuku

Stanford Msuku - Manager of Finance and Administration

Stanford provides support for administrative and financial operations in the VillageReach Malawi offices including accounting, budget review, compliance, human resources, and facilities. He liaises with the VillageReach Seattle staff on finance and administration. Before coming to VillageReach, Stanford was the Director of Finance at I-TECH Malawi where he was responsible for the management and oversight of all financial processes. Stanford holds a CIMA Managerial Level in Accounting from the Malawi College of Accountancy.

Fanny Mulwafu

Fanny Mulwafu - Finance and Administrative Officer

Fanny is responsible for managing the office finances and performing all administrative duties for the Pharmacy Assistants Program. Fanny comes to VillageReach with over six years of professional experience in both account management and secretarial work. She most recently worked as the secretary to the executive director at the Sue Ryder Foundation in Balaka. Fanny holds a Diploma in Management and Business Studies from the Malawi Polytechnic College and a Certificate in Business Computing from the Malawi College of Accountancy.

Gertrude Nowa

Gertrude Nowa - Office Assistant

Gertrude joined VillageReach in April 2013 as an Office Assistant. Prior VillageReach, Gertrude worked as a Receptionist/Office Assistant for five years at Steel Works. Gertrude holds a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE).

Nettie Nyoni

Nettie Nyoni - Administrative Assistant

Nettie joined VillageReach in November 2014 as an Administrative Assistant for the Balaka Office. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Development and Secretarial certificates obtained from Staff Development Institute and is currently studying for a Bachelors of Business Administration. Nettie is an accomplished administrator with a vast experience in administration and systems management with over five years work experience in both private and civil society organizations.

Godfrey Dzoole

Godfrey Dzoole - Driver and Office Assistant

Godfrey joined VillageReach in March 2013 as a Driver and Office Assistant. Prior to VillageReach, Godfrey worked as a driver for Cilcon Construction Company for eight years. Godfrey has a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), a Class CE Driving License, and underwent a Defensive Driving Certificate course.

Joy Chipiko

Joy Chipiko - Driver and Office Assistant

Joy joined VillageReach in 2009 as a driver and office assistant.
Joy has extensive experience as a driver, having worked for 14 years with Save the Children USA. His responsibilities include: driving VillageReach staff and stakeholders, vehicle, mail delivery, and other official duties as assigned may by the authorities.
Joy has a Malawi Junior Certificate and PGD Driving License He has also attended defensive driving and first aid courses.

Stevie Chiwenda

Stevie Chiwenda - Driver and Office Assistant

Stevie joined VillageReach as a driver and office assistant in February 2013. Prior to joining VillageReach, Stevie worked with Gift Transport as a Senior Driver. Stevie holds a Malawi Junior Certificate and underwent a Defensive Driving Course. He is from Toleza village in Balaka.

Lastone Chipole

Lastone Chipole - Security Guard

Lastone Chipole joined VillageReach in April 2009. He serves as a security Guard (SG) with the responsibility for providing security during day and night on shifts and any other duties as assigned by the manager and administrative assistant.
He holds a junior certificate. Previously he worked with Group 4 Securicor (G4S) as a security guard for two years.

Ganizani Chimwala

Ganizani Chimwala - Security Guard

Ganizani Chimwala joined VillageReach in January 2009. He serves as a security Guard, with the responsibility for providing security during day and night on shifts and any other duties as assigned by the manager and administrative assistant.
Ganizani holds a junior certificate. Previously, he worked with Group 4 Securicor (G4S) as a security guard for two years.

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