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03.24 2016

OpenLMIS 2.0 is Here!

Reposted from OpenLMIS.org

One of the greatest challenges facing the health systems in emerging countries is the lack of regular, reliable data on products and services. In my first post as the new OpenLMIS Community Manager, I am truly happy to announce the release of version 2.0 of the open source electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) software, OpenLMIS!

OpenLMIS is a cost-effective and widely customizable eLMIS solution built to address the data visibility challenges of low-resource environments. The 2.0 version release is a consolidation and stabilization of several major development branches of the product, including v1.0, eLMIS and 2.0-Mozambique, leading to a more stable, functional version of OpenLMIS.

From its first inception, OpenLMIS was developed as an open source product managed by a community of partners and contributors. Directors of the project have always kept in mind major Principles for Digital Development (ICT4D), thereby ensuring that OpenLMIS would adhere to best practices for technological development, and building a product that is a true solution for the needs of emerging health systems.

The 2.0 release is a major accomplishment, both for OpenLMIS partners, and for the global development community working to introduce viable solutions for data management across multiple health programs (vaccines, malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning, etc.). By stabilizing and consolidating the OpenLMIS code base in an incremental and iterative manner (see Principle 1 of the ICT4D), the product is now more globally applicable, usable, and configurable.

Please see my blog post on the OpenLMIS Wiki Page for further technical information about the release, and download the Introduction to OpenLMIS (also available in French), for a broader explanation of features and impact.

Tenly Snow is the Community Manager for the OpenLMIS Community. She can be reached at tenly.snow@villagereach.org. For further information on the OpenLMIS product and services, please contact info@openlmis.org, or visit www.openlmis.org.

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